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I have always been fascinated by the whole process of taking ore from the ground, refining it to make metal and then using that metal to make tools and jewellery. So, in February 2015, I bought some silver and decided to have a go on the kitchen table. The kitchen table soon led to a small studio which in turn led to a much larger studio from which I now run my silversmithing workshops. I am now an accomplished jewellery designer and maker working mainly in silver, although I love working with most metals. I was told once that, if you love what you do it doesn't treally count as work, and it's true!


With my partner Cerys Russell, an artist, we have gone from strength to strength turning our creative passion into a small successful business within the heart of Folkestone’s Creative Quarter. We opened our shop at 42 The Old High Street in November 2018 where we sell our own work and that of almost forty other local creatives and artisans and are about to combine our studios and shop under one roof at 59 The Old High Street.


It has been an amazing journey so far and gets better with every new opportunity!


Leah Gaynor

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